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  1. -The 2013 Year in review video - parents have been emailed the password.

- Our Playroom Bogs have become private and only accessible to parents currently accessing the centre.  All current families would have been invited to subscribe to the Blogs via email, if you missed this email, please see your play room team.

  1. -Check out the Adventurous Play doco Here

  2. -How does our preschool program work? Check out this resource.

  3. -Parent Handbook in iBooks format for iPad and iBooks for Mac now available at this link.  It is also available as a PDF file (though this is less interactive. The PDF file can be accessed HERE

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Do you want to join our team? We are currently seeking suitable people to join our casual relief staff.   Relief Staff

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Quick catch up ......

Providing the best early childhood experience for both the child and the family.  We do this by

  1. BulletEncouraging children to follow their own interests, to become, in a sense, the catalyst for their own curriculum. The children provide the lead for the adults within the Centre, involve themselves in individual and group projects and where possible are encouraged to record what they have done in their own words - through paint, craft, clay, song or drawing.

  2. BulletAllowing each child in our care to achieve their potential and to find ways to achieve this creatively.

  3. BulletCreating environments where children can become enthusiastic, inquiring and challenged and where families see how important they are to their children’s lives and learning.

  4. BulletProviding an holistic approach to early childhood through our  Early Childhood Services - Dorothy Waide Centre for Early Learning (Long Day Care) and Griffith Central Preschool (Preschool) and Griffith Connections (our family Support Program.

  1. BulletWe are Community based For Purpose, Not for Profit organisaton.

  2. BulletContact us at 0269 62 6833

Our Dorothy Waide Centre LDC Service has undergone Assessment under the National Quality Standards and we are pleased to advise that it has been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard in all Seven Quality Areas. 

This is an outstanding achievement. It’s rating is therefore Exceeding the National Quality Standard,  Dated: 27th March 2013 Our Rating can be found HERE.